Infill meets Kanna

Hello to you all,

I competed on the “ Hobelmeisterschaft“ in Germany with my A11 Mitre Plane and although I polished the plane blade the thinnest shavings had 0,026 mm thickness. The shavings produced with a Kanna are much thinner. So I read what is the difference between an Infill and a Kanna. With this knowledge I designed an Infill with dimensions based on a Japanese plane. Length is 270 mm, plane blade is 60 mm wide and 5,5 mm thick and the bedding angle is 30°, the blade has no back iron. The adjuster has a thread with M8x0,5mm, that means because the bedding is 30°, one turn pushes the blade app 0,3 mm deaper.

The plane cosists from the following parts:


You can see that the sole touches the wood only on two places and these parts are aligned by marking the high spots on a surface plate and using a precision scraper.

I am satisfied with the first results after rough honing the mirror side of the blade with diamant past on a MDF plate. The first shavings have a thickness of 0,02 mm and I’ll improve the results to the next „Hobelmeisterschaft“

Greetings from the lake of Constance


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