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Kit: A1 Bench Plane

  1. Bodyparts
    • Two side-plates in 4 mm steel or brass, machine-cutted outside with pre drilled holes in 4 mm, mushrooms for the center of motion for the lateral blade movement.
    • Plane sole in 6 mm steel with 90° machine-cutted outside and grooves for the dovetails, the anti scatter block riveted and the breaking through for the blade in twice 45° premilled
  2. Blade in high alloyed steel and back-iron with screw, 2 1/2" wide and 4 or 5 mm thick is Chryogenic-hardened to 61 HRC and presharpened
  3. Lever cap machine-cutted outside and screw
  4. Handle in 3 pieces from palisander band-sawed front-block, back-handle pre-rounded, rear-base bandsawed with essential rivets and rivet bushings.

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